Full Lengths:

Fat Daisies, by Carrie Murphy (9/2015)
Pink Museum, by Caroline Crew (10/2015)
Wildlives, by Sarah Jean Alexander (5/2015)
by Mathias Svalina (11/2014)


Hyperion, by Lizi Gilad (3/2016)
Dear S, by Rachel Hyman (7/2015)
An Apology for Apologies, by Matt Nelson (6/2015)
Isn’t That You Waving At You, by Elizabeth Clark Wessel (4/2015)
And I Shall Again Be Virtuous,
by Natalie Eilbert
 (12/2014, chapbook)
Texts From My Momby Christie Ann Reynolds (8/2014, chapbook)
Dear Gloria, by Sasha Fletcher (4/2014, chapbook) 
Who Can Make It, by Mike Young (2/2014, chapbook)
Best Poemsby Mike Krutel (12/2013, Narrow House Chapbook)

Digital Catalog:

Being Stone//The War Between The States, by Carrie Lorig and Nick Sturm (6/14)



It Is Going To Be A Good Year, by Sasha Fletcher
The Good Life
, by Brandon Brown
Radio Cacophony, by Michelle Dove
Chateau Wichman
, by Ben Pease
Hyperion, by Lizi Gilad
Neighborhood Cats, by Jamie Perez
Mine, by M. Mack