Reading Periods

Chapbooks: 9/1 - 10/15

Our editors for this open Chapbook reading period are:

  • Mark Cugini 
  • Carrie Lorig
  • Kamden Hilliard 
  • beyza ozer 
  • Kina Viola

Each editor will pick one chapbook for publication in 2018. Every member of the chapbook editorial staff will have an opportunity to review & approve the manuscript for publication before the manuscript is accepted. The catalog will be announced once each editor has found a title they would like to publish.

We are looking for:

  • Work that feels immediate
  • Work that steps out of or straddles the line between genres
  • Work that doesn’t shy away from the sentimental
  • Work that explores queerness & challenges heteronormativity
  • Work that strives for accessibility and rigor (i.e., if yr a theoryhead, b cute about it)
  • Work that critiques & deconstructs Capitalism, Imperialism, White Supremacy, & other patriarchal power structures
  • Work from people excluded from literary academic spheres or other traditional lit. circles & from writers with a limited publication history
  • Work from immigrant, migrant, undocumented, and refugee writers 
  • Work from writers who do not claim any nation
  • Collaborative work
  • Work about whales 🐳

Please submit between 16-36 pages of work (don't worry, we're flexible), not including front or back matter (Title Page, Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, etc). We do not read submissions blind, so please do not worry about scrubbing your work for any personally identifiable information. 

Check Back On September 1st For Our Submittable Link

Journal: TBA

The open reading period scheduled for 2017 has ended. Our editors for this period were:

  • Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
  • Chase Berggrun
  • e.e. jarvie 
  • Lucian Mattison
  • Talin Tahajian 

Please check back in Spring 2018 for information on our next reading period.

Full Length Manuscripts: N/A

We do not plan on holding an open reading period for full-length titles any time in the near future. We are, however, always open to queries–if you have a title you think we might be interested in, please fill out our query form.


we aim to make our acceptance policies as transparent as possible. if you have any questions about our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at editors@biglucks.com


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