Big Lucks Books





ABOUT: Mark Cugini and Cassandra Gillig launched Big Lucks Books [BLB] in October 2013. BLB seeks to publish prose, poetry, and nonfiction that makes you feel excited and light-headed and terrified about the awesome potential of human possibility: the sort of books that make you feel as there’s an IV of high fructose corn syrup in your arm and it’s ruining your cardiovascular system. BLB is now. BLB is tomorrow. BLB is a pillow. BLB is a warm fucking hug.

MARITAL STATUS: We plan on holding a First Book Prize for Women Writers in May. Beyond that, we do not plan on holding an open reading period any time in the near future. We are, however, always open to queries–if you have a title you think we might be interested, send a query to books[at] But please note that due to the volume of submissions we receive, we can not respond to every manuscript submission.

CATALOG: is available here.

WHERE: Our books are available for purchase and/or loan at the following incredible bookplaces:

Small Press Distribution
Berl’s Poetry Shop, Brooklyn, NY
Mellow Pages Library, Brooklyn, NY
Normals Bookstore, Baltimore, MD

Powell’s, Portland, OR
Petworth Citizen Bar & Reading Room, Washington, DC
Unnameable Books, Brooklyn, NY

HOLLER: For information regarding distribution, consignment, marketing, and Advanced Review Copies, please contact us at books[at]