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Mission Statement

Big Lucks is a poetry collective journal and press, founded in 2009 by Laura Spencer and Mark Cugini. Our staff consists of nine editors who rotate between chapbook editing and journal editing on a year-to-year basis. We strive to operate without a hierarchy: no one editor has any more authority than the other.

We aim to publish work that: critiques, challenges, or otherwise upends aesthetic norms; deconstructs Capitalism, Imperialism & other patriarchal power structures; is immediate & conscious of its position, place, and time; disturbs, upsets, or destabilizes in a potent, productive way & does not censor itself; steps out of or straddles the line between genres; strives for accessibility and rigour; is inviting & doesn’t shy away from the sentimental.

We cherish the company of others. We aim to develop and cultivate significant relationships with our contributors and readers. We want to have our contributors over for dinner; we want to talk to our readers about the pieces they love (and the pieces they hate). We want to be a part of your life.

We aim to actively seek out work (via solicitation & specific reading periods) by writers often excluded from traditional and/or academic literary spheres, including (but not limited to); writers of the LGBTQIA+ community; nonbinary writers; Black and Indigenous writer, and writers of color; Latinx writers; immigrant writers, migrant writers, undocumented writers, & refugee writers; Muslim writers; young writers; unpublished writers.

We hold two reading periods per year: one for chapbook manuscripts and one for journal submissions. More information here.

Our Team

Editors, chapBooks

Mark Cugini (@AScaredWhale)
Kamden Hilliard (@KamdenHilliard)
Carrie Lorig (@carrielorig)
beyza ozer (@extremelymoon)
Kina Viola (@kinamv)


Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
Chase Berggrun (@patriphobe)
e.e. jarvie (@itseejarvie)
Lucian Mattison (@luciannumberone)
Talin Tahajian (@talinout)

Associate Editors

Isabelle Davis, Publicity (@sensitivetot)
Laura Spencer, Fulfillment& Distribution (@lauraspencer_)