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Mark Cugini launched Big Lucks Books in October 2013, with the help of Cassandra Gillig (and over 250 Kickstarter backers). Big Lucks Books seeks to publish prose (fiction & non-fiction) and poetry that makes you feel excited and light-headed and terrified about the awesome potential of human possibility: the sort of books that make you feel as there’s an IV of high fructose corn syrup in your arm and it’s ruining your cardiovascular system. Big Lucks Books is now. Big Lucks Books is tomorrow. Big Lucks Books is a pillow. Big Lucks Books is a warm fucking hug.


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Full Lengths

Coolth, by Hajara Quinn (8/2018)
That Which Comes After, 
by Alexis Pope (5/2018)
Chateau Wichman, by Ben Pease (3/2017)
Radio Cacophony, by Michelle Dove (9/2016)
The Good Life, by Brandon Brown  (9/2016)
It Is Going To Be A Good Year, by Sasha Fletcher (2/2016)
Fat Daisies, by Carrie Murphy (9/2015)
Pink Museum, by Caroline Crew (10/2015)
Wildlives, by Sarah Jean Alexander (5/2015)
Wastoid, by Mathias Svalina (11/2014)


Final Girl, by Lauren Milici (7/2019)
You Can't Pick Your Genre, by Emily O'Neill (7/2019)
Pink Metal
, by Cornelia Barber (6/2019)
Impatient Inpatient
, by Dillon Welch (1/2019)
Dark Dark Mouth,
by MTN. (1/2019)
7-Elesbian: A Memoir,
by Kristen Arnett (1/2019)
Outside Of The Body There Is Something Like Hope
, by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza (8/2018)
Like Kansas, 
by Simone Savannah (3/2018)
Mine, by M. Mack (12/2017)
Vintage Sadness, by Hanif Abdurraqib (6/2017)
leave anything, by ismael luna (2/2017, winner of the 2015 Best Prize)
There Were Rivers Before There Were People, by Jamie Perez (4/2016)
Hyperion, by Lizi Gilad (3/2016, winner of the 2014 Best Prize)
Dear S, by Rachel Hyman (7/2015)
An Apology for Apologies, by Matt Nelson (6/2015)
Isn’t That You Waving At You, by Elizabeth Clark Wessel (4/2015)
And I Shall Again Be Virtuous, by Natalie Eilbert (12/2014)
Texts From My Mom, by Christie Ann Reynolds (8/2014)
Dear Gloria, by Sasha Fletcher (4/2014) 
Who Can Make It, by Mike Young (2/2014)
Best Poems, by Mike Krutel (12/2013, Narrow House Chapbook)

vėl Series (Reprints)

When All Our Days Are Numbered Marching Bands Will Fill the Streets But We Will Not Hear Them Because We Will Be Upstairs in the Clouds, by Sasha Fletcher (2/2019)
Wildlives (2nd Edition),
by Sarah Jean Alexander (5/2018)

Digital Catalog

Being Stone//The War Between The States, by Carrie Lorig and Nick Sturm (6/14)


That Ex, Rachelle Toarmino
i'm alive / it hurts / i love it (2nd Edition)
, by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza (Vėl Series Reprint)
How We Light,
by Nick Sturm (Vėl Series Reprint)
I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur, by Mathias Svalina (Vėl Series Reprint)
Manifesto, or: Hysteria, 
by Catherine Chen
Songs Of Brujería, by Amanda Galvan Huynh
These Are Our Beards Of Bougainvilla, by Finn Menzies
The Fatbergs, by Chloe Rose


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