Cassandra de Alba


The sharks stopped swimming when they got iPhones. The sharks sank the Titanic, the Indianapolis, and the Mary Rose. The sharks are talking about you behind your back. The sharks don’t tell you when you’ve got food in your teeth. The sharks cause tidal waves. The sharks stole your yearbook. The sharks wrote “LOSER” on your car in Silly String. The sharks are behind the Bermuda Triangle. The sharks are smoking weed under the bleachers. The sharks copied your AP Government exam and you got in trouble. The sharks ate Amelia Earhart. The sharks made you late for P.E. when they tripped you in the hallway. The sharks made up a fake AIM screenname and they’re trying to trick you. The sharks saw Jaws and got some ideas. The sharks built a clubhouse and you’re not invited. The sharks are going to the beach this weekend and you’re not invited. The sharks are going to eat your family and you are most definitely invited.

Cassandra de Alba's work has appeared in Third Point Press, Gabby, Smoking Glue Gun, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal, among other publications. Her chapbook habitats, a collection of poems about deer, is out now on Horse Less Press. She lives in Massachusetts.