Catch Business


i just opened my eyes like the moon
sitting on broken glass
how many ways will i die

please let me
if you want me to be
alone is a feeling
i’m fine with it
you'd let me be
the lie i need to hear

i want to hear almost every story
you have to tell i’m often impatient
for the chance to tell you my own

i didn't mean to hurt your feelings
every time i argue

i keep my phone as close as possible
at night by my bed

i let the light bother my eyes

in the center of emptiness
making iphone notes into a song
my fresh and balmy fingers

we're so lucky we get to watch when each other is typing
only last time we talked i asked you to stop texting me

calling you both names
i always forget
you can see what other people are into on instagram

we find new ways to
avoid the same expressive tendencies
what would it look like to take a nap?
to be two palms holding you still
two palms like a heart too big for the bed
i hardly remember

those thoughts between sleeping and waking but this is
my goal every morning i relate to the energy
around and within myself i want to be kinder

tbh i’m losing patience with anyone who isn't trying to talk to me
without talking to me let’s talk telepathy then feel you beside me
how much love i send your way
i’d rather you hold onto than me

i want to write fix things w [your name here] in my dayplanner
i want to tell you my favorite words and my least favorite words
i want them to wonder why there are ballet slippers in the trash

i wonder if you deleted my texts and if so which ones

i want to know so much
more about my relationship to the other

in my drafts i don’t remember my dreams

i’d choose dreaming over smoking

i reread the texts you probably deleted

i wonder if you think i was flirting
when i was blacked out
drinking your pelligrino
and you were getting a headache

Catch Business is the co-founder of witch craft magazine and the author of fuck me while my phone charges (reality hands, 2017). Find them on Twitter at @ctchbsnss

Mark Cugini