Lily Hoang & Carmen Gimenez-Smith




Hummel #3128: Mary Ingalls Hummel
Height: 2.07”

Mary’s copper bangs are bobbypinned straight back, an imitation of her hairstyle from the television series. Her saddle shoes leave tracks of mud. With her left hand, she drags a small stack of belted topographic books. A walking stick is an extension of her right hand, natural. She is wearing a delicate peach dress, color no longer matters to her, an abstraction, more imagination than memory.


Hummel #708120: Lethal Ray Hummel
Height: 3.2 inches

A tousled blonde is crouched in a field of daisies, which are mostly painted on to the figure’s pedestal.

One rosy knee bears the bright red stain of a fall. The black and red dirndl is adorned with tiny red anarchy symbols.

She’s been to other wars. One was across, it seemed, a wall of vines set on its back.

Brambles in everyone. Another was smoke-filled and everyone became bats.

All around her: the echo of pluck breaking open. A cushion of that sound surrounds the figurine, so it’s hard to hold her without wanting to let go.

Inside her head is a scene: teeny tiny airplanes swarm her dead father’s head nestled in a crown of daisies. He taught her revolt.

His private diary had recipes for word bombs and poetry missiles.


Hummel #3192013: PTSD Hummel
Height: 0.4”

A mass in fetal position, desert camouflaged. His hands form a shelter over the head. Beside him: one Dragunov Sniper Rifle, one Colt M1911, two bottles of water, one Bible, King James, a crumpled blanket.

Lily Hoang is the author of four books. Carmen Gimenez-Smith is the author of five books of poetry and a memoir. Separately, they have won some awards. Together, they run Puerto del Sol and teach in the MFA program at New Mexico State University.
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