Jon Ruseski


It was in me

Every shade of red

Kid A, Kid A, Kid A



Caught in the depth

It’s ok if there’s blood

If you can edit

You can glow

Behind the array

Vacancy shimmers

The gold opens

Lost in everyday feeling

World blown

Frame by frame

A cup in my hands

Cups are emotional

There are so many vibes

Sometimes you just scratch and scratch and scratch

Sometimes it’s harder to leave

If evil took me for just a second

So what

These candles burning

Out here

Navigating by kaleidoscope

A fool

Full of smoke

Nothing particular

My body aches with open spaces

Yes, I am willing to unmap my head and throw it right at the sun

What do other people do

To the size of love

The yellow in the gaps

Spores across the field

I thought I was there

In colorful basics

Unlatched for the mountain

My list that reads:

* Your brand is all you have
* Fuck you, Patriarchy
* Hitting every button at once isn’t the way to finesse a machine




True as candles
I’ve made my mess

There wasn’t any other way to release

The immense video in my head
My fraction

Numbers can be so cruel

Acorns on the asphalt
Instagrammatic sunlight

You know what it’s like to want things






To find your love
Pull out all the straw

When it’s gone
You can hear

White light grates apart on the ceiling

It’s true
The void is ecstatic when swallowed

And I’m 29 with this uncollated heart

Pass me the wine and a trumpet
Turns out time has been the drug all along






Yesterday didn’t mean to be that way

An oblique strategy
Dust on metal

Your bed is in the hourglass too

I don’t care what the truth is
Devotion is power

I would blow a kiss so big it matters

Lost in useless territory
Remove the middle, extend the edges

Use fewer notes

Try faking it






To be honest
I don’t know

Besides the faces in parenthesis

A flutter of triangles
Touches slowly

Soft glow filter

That moment of entry
Summer it never got dark

Draw a card

I want to believe






The colors lollygag

Drunk at 1:37AM
My phone says

And why not

It’s unnerving
When I’m cherished

Youth endures
Peeping at the cosmos

Thursday glows at unexpected times






It hurts
Dreaming in America

A corporate thing
Immaculately dressed

My hair will still shine after I die

That’s why I need you
The truth of every joke

You’re in it
Blinking with the rest






Once I had no ideas
Just spaced-out promises

It was a handsome wreck

When stuffing a lifetime
Flash it a glint of lunacy

Throw dice at the sky

All those fits you have
Add up to your rough map

And secretly sometimes
The wings snap on

Wax pours through

Like all your hahas
Sent back

Some over-sized humor
Written in a supernatural font






If I see flames in the mirror
Negative capability dresses me

The last time I picked up a pair of scissors
I thought I might cut all of it

My entire myth

I thought about so much unknown
In the savage weight of space

Feelings came like ants

I filled a small bag with stones
And left it the truest place I could






In the default arrangement
Little minuses

And clickbait

Also, having to get out of bed

And let’s face it
Boo boo wants to eat






This time pierce the cloud

Then ride the fader

So proud to remember that
After fading away on the couch

To reject history
Is to know history






That would be embarrassing
To call something a dream

Only style clears your head

The sun and it’s green veins
The freedom of very small ways

Branches in the wind






The day was lazy and had a bite on its arm


I listened to the hiss
Felt the surface

You and your skyline

I knew I had to walk into it






Please excuse the crappy layout

Late afternoon sliver
Of sunlit despair

The cursor blinks

Stuck in this manic arcana
The fear of missing out

Always fell like an angel

Can you blame me
For material happiness?






Jon presses the button
La dee da da da

Later to barf lightning with the hydra

Ellipsis in my hands

There was a code once that broke my heart
Now all the links are dead

Do you sleep through the night?

The sad waves of my bank account
Part of the blur








Dark star crashes

There are those dreams
Cigarettes thrown off the roof

Helios, terra, luna

Debt feelings
Bored smiling

Spirits take us under

There is a classic rock song
For every nuance of love






There is a carousel horse
I was scribbled to be

But today I believe
The burn of a pop sensation

Choose your template

I’m not sure
If meaning lasts






If this line prints, remember

It’s not for me
God’s work

I just want a lifestyle
That drags the moon

A color that’s mine entirely

When rays hit
There in that murmur

The dreamy uproar ghosts back

Today I dipped my hand in the air
And felt how I am just spinning on a wheel

Jon Ruseski is the author of the chapbook Neon Clouds. His debut full-length collection, Space Mountain, is forthcoming from Mount Analogue in 2018. Recent poems appear or are forthcoming in Fence, Cosmonauts Avenue, & Witch Craft, among others. He lives in Northampton, MA where he helps edit for Factory Hollow Press & co-curates the P L A T F O R M lecture series with Patrick Gaughan.
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