Jonny Veach



hatched from ashes
string constellations across my yard
i mean lightning bugs
i mean what
i was trying to say
was the greenhouse burned all saturday
we woke up sunday
and renamed things
i argue burma you scream
myanmar we fuck
or make love the word
hangs above our bed
like a dirigible
the radioactive
pulse of stars
rocks me to sleep
like a pedophile
i mean a river
it rocks me to sleep like
a river
it warps my heart like
we applied a little
heat to agitate
the atom
falling in love was like
a scavenger hunt
a cat's tooth
chicken feathers
lightning bugs blinking
at noon


real stars
and the black cord stitched between
orion swings
a machete over our heads
a scythe sings
through the firmament you know
purple is only an early iteration
of black
my bed a flat earth my heart
a hollow earth
draconian physics plays out
with the june bug
lets play tag in the unified field
tarot cards will henceforth
symbolize nothing
you shall be chosen
based on your proficiency
with a sextant
the twins
gemini will enter your room
their faces
will be like water lilies
they sit on the edge
of your bed you know
gravity is just falling
towards something
so fast you keep missing it
evolution is a series of mistakes
out here on the spheres
motherfucker fireflies
always carry symbol

Jonny Veach would be a Sasquatch if he were a forest creature. He would be unaware of any discussions of ecocriticism.