Kainat Azhar


I am an illegitimate child
of a war that was
started in the mind of a
god when this Earth
was created.

My cradle was made up
of sighs and tears of
the holy wisdom that humans
once had; my bones
were built from the blood
of sages.

I was the happiest when
I knew myself but didn’t
exist in this tangible world.
I was the calmest when
you once took my name
and breathed in my existence
like it was the most
natural thing to do.

Kainat Azhar is a Pakistani writer and illustrator who has never formally studied the two. She hides behind the mask of a computer science major and is interested in almost everything that does not involve socializing. Her work can be found in Fog Machine, Other Terrain Journal, Corvus Review, Eunoia Review, Brain Knittings and E-tribune Pakistan. Literature, music and art were the escape routes for her once; now they have become her best pals. She has dedicated her life to them and wants to pursue a career in writing and painting. Follow them on Twitter: @Kainat_Azhar.

Mark Cugini