Kamden Hilliard


thinks / thing & already thot language
thinks  therefore
is a field which is both

FIELD                              THE THING THAT IS FIELD
ABSENCE OF FIELD                              ANTI‐FIELD
                          feat. MANY KIND GRASSES

being made in their image
they think anything &             woosh
no field
nor baby’s breath nor wht ppl laughing while eating salad

tho / i / made in their image / am an action / affirmation of space outside the thing

oooo / the thing?

the thing? the thing is the thing / only & 4nvr moar /
the thing is equidistant  / moderately priced / middle
claspt / & passing its classes / the thing is @school
& so gud / 2 want the thing is a feeling bigger
than G‐d / ‘s paltry nigger finger / but oh / forgot 2
mention lol / the thing would luvvv 2 do brunch
next weekend / wonders eff yr bringing Tony / oh
the thing luvz yr Tony / yr boy‐of‐the‐month‐club /
always there 2 bring the bleak 2 bay / similarly /
the thing itselves / which is a tree in which there are
3 blk boiz / Tony / a strong proponent of the thing /
is gr8 @rapejokes / & is hoping yu get home safe /
& wld rlly lyk 2 kno

y yr FAM, THE dn't go camp
ing. or eff yu wanna borrow his Up
dike. yu dn't. but will take his
Vonnegut or Delillo. wants 2 kno
y no Diplo? / dem&s 2 kno y /
when he says chariot / yu sing /
swing low

Kamden Hilliard goes by Kam and is an Editor at Jellyfish Magazine. They got good vibes from The Ucross Foundation, The NFAA, The Davidson Institute, VSC, and Callaloo. The author of two chapbooks: DISTRESS TOLERANCE (Magic Helicopter Press, 2016) and PERCEIVED DISTANCE FROM IMPACT (Black Lawrence Press, 2017), Kam stays busy. Find their work in The Black Warrior Review, Lambda Literary Review, Redivider, and other sunspots.
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