Mike Krutel


The space between my ears
goes rollercoaster. Chemical slick

of my coffee, of sleep.
I am stuck between a tumbling blue,

hot fuse my dinner, and the trees
in a wind, unseen, untwine. Nothing

seems good here, or is it
out there? Por todos los siglos

de los siglos, you said, for all the time
of the time we are apart
, I say.

A dethroated accordion
leans forward in my gaping skull

and my tongue follows you
like a missile, bites its handler.

I fall into your footmark in snow.
There is no getting out getting out

results of functions and functions
get in the way.

For you I imagine governances
best when the capitals swell

with mirrors.
We build a machine that dispels

pockets from the land.
I imagine the sight of our hands.

I wear a blindfold
to be with the dead, touch the suite

of your face, put my lips to
the edge of your noise.

Mike Krutel is the author of the chapbook Best Poems, forthcoming from Narrow House. He is from Akron, Ohio, where he is a co-curator of THE BIG BIG MESS READING SERIES. He is an Assistant Editor for the online poetry journal Pinwheel. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Coconut, iO, Jellyfish, Forklift, OH, NOÖ, and elsewhere.
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