Laura Theobald


i can curl up between your words because you act dumb like a big leather chair. and possibly you aren’t trying to make me feel sad while i am sad. and you like easy. i support easy. it’s something i can stand behind. the clouds seem easy and so does space. weightless and drifting in a math it does not contemplate. and birds with their built-in radar, and invisible birds, and cygnets


Laura Theobald is a poetry M.F.A. candidate at LSU. She is the author of the best thing ever (2015, Boost House), eraser poems (2014, H_NGM_N), and edna poems (forthcoming, Lame House Press). She is the current Editor-in-Chief of New Delta Review, the Assistant Editor of Spooky Girlfriend Press, and a Book Designer for BOAAT. She also works as a freelance editor and book designer. / @lidleida.