Leopoldine Core


I just had a little of your chocolate

and now I’m wild with desire

for more chocolate

it goes right to the discomfort

sweetens it I think.


The moon’s on

a short white leash

and what happens

to everyone

happens to you.


You’re gonna die too.


I’ll make you a tape

to play

when you say my name


like I’m stupid

like dogs are stupid

like the homeless are stupid

you’re always calling

everyone stupid.

And you are kind of

a lunk

big medium


I’ve been tuning you out

since I was sperm

That’s why I can’t listen well

all your talk

you made it vulgar

to speak

talking in your sleep

when the fear cartoons play

talk when you wake up



hate is real

it’s an actual thing

and I really do

I hate you.

Leopoldine Core was born and raised in Manhattan. Her poems and fiction have appeared in Open City, The Literarian, Joyland Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Harp & Altar, Apology, Drunken Boat, Sadie Magazine, Agriculture Reader, No, Dear and as a Broadside from Flying Object. She is a 2012 Fellow at The Center for Fiction and The Fine Arts Work Center. Her chapbook Young Friend was recently released from Perfect Lovers Press.
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