Shannon Hearn


have i never really tried to speak/imagine/if your body was a real home what would it be most comfortable with/at certain times/these images are not framed are not in place of what you are choking on/i am pointing directly towards the little 

pieces of dirt sticking/to me/becoming like little pieces of me but really just turning my skin and making it want

what is clean/there are so many/different/ways to be alive and this dirt leaves/so many/things covered/up and i feel smothered in a way more silent/than i’d like

let me just swallow it already/let me use my tongue/and lap it off of no one and not even you maybe/my face and my numb legs so that i can spew it back                          

out furiously//i am not a container//i am not

and for a little while i will suffocate so that i can/release using/my tongue and every day there is a little more building inside and i never said i had enough to see it through all the way until the structure is enclosed at the top and we are snuck inside but i never said i would try and i never said i wouldn’t so

we are building here/we are/building a space and that is why/we are here/everyone is watching a sculpting watching a momentum growing and radiohead came out with ‘burn the witch’ yesterday and i hear it and he’s mumbling and i wonder about and how/i mumble in the mornings/always it’s difficult for you to hear me

and how M would hiss 'i can't understand you shannon, i can't fucking understand you' and i'm sorry this is a frustrating/ it is for me too/and i think he says 'this is a round-up' and i think thom what is a round-up and of what 

if you could hear me i would take a reason and i would bundle it up tight/the spit and the dirt would thicken/into a wrinkly ball and i’d throw it fast and full out the door and no one would say anything it would exit the wooden frame and you’d trip/falling after/it and i wouldn’t make the smile and i wouldn’t try to hold the hand/no hands/no hands touching/but my own

shannon hearn is a recent graduate of the university of connecticut where she studied journalism and english with a concentration in creative writing. her work has appeared or is forthcoming with 3:AM Magazine, cream city review, Juked, Heavy Feather Review, and others.
Mark Cugini