Elmira Elvazova


August is late and standing us up
among the lilies
now we are held up
at or against
our will
our will is like  
learning to love again  
through the opening      
in the grasses  
which it is a bell
in the morning  
I couldn’t see the street  
for the fog  
the rain picked up  
where I left off
of all the things  
we should let happen  
of their own accord  
thinking justice
is like the time  
I heard you say
into the crowded room          
What is beautiful is not the object but the measure
you were reading me my rights  
and I thought  
this is an arresting life




When I missed my window  
you brought me another  
as in a replacement    
for the opportunity    
I missed    
people give you second chances
then they really give you
second chances
what are you holding onto     
if not other people  
I am beholden    to a place              the sky
is not a looking glass  
under which we made  
a wrong turn    
while driving down
to see the Falls  
so it was right  
there   I saw the apple trees    
barren from winter
the meadow remembered    
something of green    
I bade goodbye       adieu, adieu
and promised to return  
there having learned  
something of modesty    
there having remembered
my roots        I’ll go
in on this with you    
if you promise to give me my share    
of what proceeds
I’m at the height of madness      
at times   I feel taller   than the moon      
it’s only when I hear
laughter coming from the railway    
I’m standing under the avenues    
watching    a storm about to break    
for you who are learning    
or leaning into     moods of sky      
let me put this gently        
here are the dark clouds    
come to rain

Elmira Elvazova received her MFA in Poetry from the UMASS MFA Program for Poets & Writers. Her work has appeared in Route Nine and Big Big Wednesday. She is currently working on a long poem inspired by Philip Glass’s piano compositions, entitled “Autumn Études.” She lives in Northampton, MA.
Mark Cugini