Gina Myers


My phone was stolen
& I came to realize
how many times
I stop in the day
to take a picture.
Good news though:
no more unsolicited
dick pics. Strolling
through South Philly
tripped up over
uneven sidewalks, rolled
ankles. The sound of
a car alarm down the street.
At the park the hoops
have no nets but no one
cares. The jump shot
so smooth & carefree
as if the court counters
everything in life off
the court. We laugh
& high five & then it’s back
to our separate lives
bills to pay, groceries,
the things that keep me
restless at night.
Saturday is like heaven,
endless free hall pass.
It’s easy to want to
stay in bed but I’m all
fuck that. Let’s do something.
The day is ours & how
often is that the case.
We ride the lights
into the night, singing
along to our favorite songs
and I wish the night
would never end,
no, let’s not let it end.

Gina Myers is the author of Hold It Down (Coconut Books, 2013) and A Model Year (Coconut Books, 2009), as well as numerous chapbooks. She lives in Philadelphia where she runs the Accidental Player reading series.
Mark Cugini