Jamie Mortara

wednesday is a bored ghost playing with candle fire. wednesday is a u-haul filled with our bed broke to pieces. wednesday is a door you have to PUSH even though wednesday is always PULL. wednesday is the anniversary of me crying with flowers in my hand. i'm embarrassed for my honesty but wednesday is somebody's birthday somewhere. wednesday is a bar full of singing / endless whiskey / back-porch giggle. wednesday is you only wanting me after seeing how i could just leave. wednesday is a dream i've had every morning for the last two weeks. it's a simple dream: we talk like it's any old wednesday. when was the last time we did that? wednesday is when you call me even though it's friday. wednesday is when i tell you i love you and you are silent and say good night and it's the first time when i don't mind. i'm riding my bicycle downhill into wednesday, to when i am hungry. when i decide my body can wait until next wednesday. wednesday is an empty diary from 5 years ago that was given to me for a completely different anniversary. wednesday is a tiny gray cloud / is a tiny gray cloud / is a bag of your things. wednesday is a bag of your things plus a few extra things that you might like because i always care even when i don't want to. wednesday is me waiting for a thank you and deciding i don't need one. wednesday is me never getting my things back because i am selling everything anyway. wednesday is me: a bored ghost dropping lit candles into the trashcan. people buying my bones for nothing. wednesday is the pier i stood on after you suggested that i should drown. wednesday is a man screaming off of it. i'm not one to scream on a wednesday or any other day. wednesday is an armistice that will never happen. wednesday is a black and tailless cat named wednesday. even if wednesday had a voice, she would not speak.
jamie mortara is a poet living on the internet. jamie mortara edits voicemailpoems.org. jamie has a website that is conveniently jamiemortara.com. jamie mortara is very serious about bagels. jamie mortara has a book out called 'small creatures / wide field.' jamie mortara is poet laureate of feeling VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. jamie mortara never had any marbles to lose in the first place. who even has marbles?
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