Impatient Inpatient - Dillon Welch

Impatient Inpatient - Dillon Welch

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ISBN: 978-1-941985-55-7
40 Pages
5.8" x 8.3"
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Ship Date: January 30th, 2019

Dillon Welch’s debut chapbook is the opposite of an inspirational banal platitude about addiction. In the same inventive vein of John Berryman and Joshua Beckman, Welch deconstructs the traditional sonnet and rebuilds each poem as an impossible prism, leaving more questions unanswered than when it started. Like a sobriety coin, Impatient Inpatient is an immense testament to atrociousness of dependency, the fragility of stability, and the endless cycle of recovery and rehabilitation.

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Praise for Inpatient Impatient

“I’m tired of using/ words to define, no/ excuse my absence,” Dillon Welch writes in Impatient Inpatient, and he generously takes the reader along with him on a journey towards, instead of away from, life. These poems take steps out of the labyrinth of an addicted mind, moving in stammers and stumbles that resemble the jumbled, disorganized nature of real growth. The speaker sees meaning a little more than they see futility, and that is just enough for the poems and the narrator to keep going. “To begin again,” the final poem starts, and this is what this collection does: it starts and starts and starts, even when it grows weary of the twists of the path and of its own mind. “I found grace in coffee grounds,” the last poem continues, “…Words don’t matter but for progress.”

 -Ruth Baumann, author of Parse and A Thousand Ars Poetica

"I love these poems by Dillon Welch. They move so unexpectedly. These ‘sonnets’ have the electricity of getting a text from an old friend who loves Ted Berrigan as much as you do. Quickly dealing with and dispatching the tropes of the Recovery Poem, they are exciting, demotic, and lyrical little transmissions from an exciting new talent."

-Matthew Rohrer, Surrounded by Friends and The Others

Dillon J. Welch received his MFA in Poetry from NYU. His work has appeared in Coldfront, inter|rupture, Jellyfish, Pinwheel, Sixth Finch & other journals.