Dear S (PDF) - Rachel Hyman

Dear S (PDF) - Rachel Hyman

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Release:  July 17, 2015
48 Pages
5.8" x 8.3"
Ltd. Edition of 100 (Sold Out Of Print Run)

"There's a disturbing intimacy that smoulders throughout Dear S - and it is built like a fire is built: first locate everything you have close at hand that you know will burn (memories of yourself, of all the people you've known, all the in- & ex- plicable things that you've done) and then arrange it to make sure everything catches (or, as Rachel would say, "I wordsmith my life into something I can / stand"). Then you throw the match - not because you want a fire but because you just have to see what happens. So you watch, you study closely, as it all goes up in flames."
-Nate Pritts

"Dear S is an energetic assembly of sideshadows, a lighthouse of fragments. I want to say that there’s an almost-longing—not for any real past, but for the unrealized space in that past, for all the crossroads and opportunities that never existed. “Forgetting is a ritual,” Hyman writes. And it is in these forgotten, forgettable pasts that we create, that we begin to make something out of ourselves. In these vivid, flickering poems, Hyman constructs an I that initially exists 'in relation to,' of signals sent out to the borders just to prove it’s still there—and ends up using these signals to crash and generate new and glowing images. These poems repeat the unrepeatable; they exist, they remain solid, by letting go."
-Gale Marie Thompson

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