Hyperion (PDF) - Lizi Gilad

Hyperion (PDF) - Lizi Gilad

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Release Date: March 15th, 2016
28 Pages
5.8" x 8.3"
Ltd. Edition of 100

Winner of The 2015 Best Prize

We enter, and are captivated. The redwoods loom above us in quiet intensity. And as thick as the trees get, light still filters through. As concerned with external forces—light, darkness, the patterns of the universe—as it is deeply personal, Hyperion blossoms in its world-building. Lizi Gilad is honest in her treatment of loneliness in a rural space and/or as a rural space, but she never leaves us without an “electric hum” somewhere out there… “but I can’t recall the source."

Praise For Hyperion
"Lizi Gilad has a strong command of her surroundings, of light and the trees and the paper that’s made from them. As far as chapbooks go, Hyperion is a chapbook that I will return to regularly: for guidance in writing small, tightly-packed verse, and for the blueprints on how to pour cement between poems, linking them in perpetuity."
-Dillon J. Welch

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