Like Kansas - Simone Savannah

Like Kansas - Simone Savannah

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ISBN: 978-1-941985-78-6
40 Pages
5.8" x 8.3"
Ltd. Edition of 110
Ship Date: March 20th, 2018

Simone Savannah's empowering first chapbook combines Audre Lorde's political activism with SZA's hazy & emotional sensuality. In Kansas–a state that is 83% white–the speaker of Simone Savannah's poems navigates the ways in which colonialism affects sex, gender politics, academia, and black sexuality. Navigating from classroom to locker room, Savannah's poems confront violent men, catcalling truck drivers, and hair-touching white women head-on with an intrepidity rarely seen in contemporary. A book that only fucks if "the dick is political," Like Kansas is a passionate hymn that resurrects & resists in the face of intersecting oppressions.

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Praise for Like Kansas

"More than a journey of place, Like Kansas moves readers through a sumptuous and spiritual sound. Arising from these poems comes a voice unafraid of her own black body and all its pleasures, yearning to pull us closer to a pleasure beyond immediate understanding. Woven with sensuous intensity and fiery rhythms, what awaits is a powerful feminine force ready to be claimed and reclaimed."

 -Mercedes Lucero, author of In the Garden of Broken Things and Stereometry

"Like Kansas confronts power structures that attempt to diminish and control. The body is sacred ritual, powerfully profane, and unapologetic in its physicality. Under the spells cast in these poems, we are all held in thrall by Savannah's fierce lyric and conviction to thrive, despite the world's insistence otherwise."

-Alyse Bensel, Not Of Their Own Making