Wildlives (Second Edition) - Sarah Jean Alexander PREORDER

Wildlives (Second Edition) - Sarah Jean Alexander PREORDER



152 Pages
5.8″ x 8.3″
ISBN: 978-1-941985-53-3
Release date: April 22, 2018

Preorders ship on 3/15/18.

Wildlives is a scrapbook of poems and of short stories, of nightmares and of daydreams, of love letters and of prayer cards. In her debut collection, Sarah Jean Alexander asks (and answers) the hardest questions about love and loneliness and 21st century human survival. Wildlives excavates the depths of heartbreak, hope, and helplessness that can exist between two people in a small, human world. Three years after its initial release, this new edition of Wildlives contains two brand new sections.

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a strange yet beautiful world that will leave you breathless
— The Absolute

Praise for WILDLIVES


"Wildlives exists and operates elsewhere–in its own realm, woven out of logic that is uniquely its authors–part of Alexander’s poetics requires that we enter this universe as readers, and resist cannibalizing it with the logic of ours." - Lucy Tiven, Fanzine
“These are romantic poems, but not demure. They are edgy, contemporary poems, yet unafraid to dwell in timeless tropes of heaven, flowers and rain. Never shying away from the magnitude of love, Sarah Jean Alexander inhabits the space that two people once occupied together—and no longer occupy. She reminds us that the gods still love a love poem and that god prays to us.” —Melissa Broder, author of SCARECRONE and Meat Heart
“Sarah Jean Alexander digs herself apart in a confessional mash-up of poems, one liners, and short prose pieces in search of identity and love. Her words are aimed intimately and directly at ‘you’ from page to page, but she’s cleverly addressing the reader as well, a kind of tight-rope attached between our eyes, all of us loved and unloved people balancing and falling to the chorus of Wildlives.” —Shane Jones, author of Crystal Eaters and Light Boxes
“These poems are strange and comforting, but comforting in a strange way, like the way it sometimes feels good to touch your eyeball, and strange in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable, like someone is watching me from inside my brains, and also they are beautiful. I feel embarrassed for all the previous generations that didn’t get to read this book.” —Chelsea Martin, author of Even Though I Don’t Miss You and Everything Was Fine Until Whatever
“I’ve only met Sarah Jean Alexander once, but it was intense time and a wild time. I think that’s how you have to define Sarah Jean, and I think that’s how we have to define the work we find on these pages: free and brutal and savage and, yes, wild.  I’m reading this author and it feels as if she really knows truth. It feels as if she is my best friend. It feels as if her heart and her fears are exactly the same as mine. For these reasons, it doesn’t matter that I’ve only met Sarah Jean Alexander once: thanks to the strength of this book and the weight of these letters, I am convinced that we will always be together.” —Luna Miguel, author of Bluebird and Other Tattoos
“The shock that comes from being alive has not worn off for Sarah Jean Alexander. It is evident in her writing as attentiveness or awe. And with it, in Wildlives, she has given us rhapsodies on love, exhilaration, anxiety and regret.” —Edward Mullany, author of If I Falter at the Gallows and Figures for an Apocalypse
“Sarah Jean Alexander’s poetry has that quality of stepping from her life with the appearance of being effortlessly beautiful. It makes you almost forget that she’s one of the hardest working poets around. From her tweets to her long-form works, Alexander puts craft and devotion to the service of a poetry that is honest, funny and generous.Wildlives will be a gift, the beautiful fruits of a long period of writing and living.” —Electric Literature