Radio Cacophony - Michelle Dove

Radio Cacophony - Michelle Dove



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132 Pages
5.8 x 7.6
ISBN: 978-1-941985-06-9
Release: September 19th, 2016

House Shows, Couch Swaps, and Roommate Swaps. Genres, Subgenres, and Post-genres. With its confessional language and intimate tête-à-tête style, Radio Cacophony pulls us into one woman’s familiar-yet-singular world of social anxiety, sexuality, and musical discovery. In these short vignettes centered around a college radio station in the early aughts, Michelle Dove builds a cool and fearless interplay between individuality and community, one where eccentricity coexists with the yearning to belong. Comical, animated, and provoked, Radio Cacophony is full of the imperfect encounters that make us human and buoyant revelations that we can love who we become.

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an excellent debut.
— Small Press Book Review

Praise for Radio Cacophony

"I never wanted to leave this book. This book is set indoors for the most part, but it feels so bright, and open. Michelle Dove's perfect lines are like petoskey stones at Lake Michigan--these fucking awesome beauties just lying there for the taking among the other regular rocks. The book begins in a deceptively simple way--the voice is so guileless and unostentatious, and then the building world and flashes of perfect revelation are so organic it's like walking a path from a bright desert into a jungle, until you're surrounded, the cool green leaves covering the sky one by one. Or the Holodeck building itself on a green grid in Star Trek. It was a world I didn't want to leave. The H-E-A-P tattoo will never leave me. Like, what? The couches, oh man."
- Elisa Ambrogio of the Magik Markers
"By presenting the content in this bifocal manner, Dove shows how during the formative college years the things that might seem minor in our personal trajectories can actually become emblematic of larger truths about ourselves and these trajectories...And oddly, how some of the things that seem like they are essential in the moment can really amount to a side note, or simply become things that get lost along the way."
- Sink Review
"It's been a while since I’ve read a writer as singular, funny, and incisive as Michelle Dove. Radio Cacophony manages to distill everything that is insane and wonderful about a rarefied subculture–the squad of workers presently powering your local public radio station–into muscular, hysterical sentences that feel like real marvels on the page. Misanthropy, misogyny, lonesomeness, fandom, beers, love, music, sex. The terrible clumsiness of youth. I read this book hungrily, and with such deep recognition."
-Amanda Petrusich, Do Not Sell At Any Price
"With Radio Cacophony, Michelle Dove constructs a tender, intimate world where the artistic mind can wander freely, unseen, through the unique compromises of the modern creative workplace. In prose that both resists and reiterates the bureaucracies of art-making, Dove manages to curate a space for all of us: the deejays, the former roommates, the Junior Sales Managers, the mountain partiers, the neo-shoegazers, the boys and girls we long to fuck, just once, on the cracked leather of the studio couch. This book is as smart, snotty, and generous as your favorite college radio station, the one that plays your favorite songs, the one you tune into when it’s way past your bed time, 'showing us in the kindest way possible all it is that we can see and hear and be and do.'"
-Kelly Schirmann, Popular Music