The Good Life - Brandon Brown

The Good Life - Brandon Brown

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84 Pages
5.8 x 7.6
ISBN: 978-1-941985-05-2
Release: September 13th, 2016

In The Good Life, there is no good life. And how could there be? In this so-so world where the coming desert meets the present pigs, where the sum of human flourishing meets the insatiable demands of capital, there obviously can't be anything "good." And yet, in the spirit of canonical disobeyers like Alice Notley, Dante, and Icona Pop, Brandon Brown stubbornly make songs out of what's still savory: friendship and feeling, sin and sensibility. And so it sings. This short book of long poems holds out for a future dominion of smiles while putting its nose in the carpet and breathing it all in.

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Brandon Brown writes long poems. And reading them is like watching television with someone great.
— Eileen Myles
"In his mesmerizing new book, The Good Life, Brandon Brown's 'fantasy embodiments of exuberant pessimism' radiate in devotion to enduring pleasure with equal parts candor and ebullience. Brown’s poems reveal to us the joy of a hopelessness that transcends despair, shooting star-like toward fucked delight."
-Elaine Kahn, Women in Public
"One way this The Good Life cashes out is 'Fuck. // Am I smiling, I think / so?' Another way is, in the classic manner, to make song(s) from the pain(s). Unequal parts Tony Bennett, Kanye, and Aristotle, because parts, after all, are always unequal to the whale. It's like the 'lillies in the valley full of swag, and fomo.' Or it's like when McLaren told Johnny Rotten that Picasso died & Rotten said 'Oh good.' Well, it's not like that—really, it's better. Better like being in Dallas with Pasolini, better than sweeter song, better than BART on strike, better than better because after The Good Life you can say 'I don't care where I die. / Why would I?'"
-Rod Smith, Touché